Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wear a facemask to the clinic?

No, a facemask is not mandatory.

Do I need a referral for the appointment?

Only Clinical Neuropsychology requires a referral. Other services do not require a referral.

What services are not offered by the Clinic?

As a training clinic, we do not provide a crisis emergency service. If you require immediate attention or are in an emergency please contact 000.

We do not provide services for the following issues:

  • Walk-in, crisis, or emergency services
  • Medico/legal, worker’s compensation, family court, or other legal matters
  • Criminal-related behaviours or concerns
  • High risk of suicidality or self-harm
  • High risk of violence to self or others
  • Current psychotic behaviours
  • Students undertaking postgraduate psychology studies at the University of Melbourne
Can I receive a Medicare rebate for services provided at the Clinic?

Since services are provided by provisional psychologist we cannot offer Medicare rebates. However, our services are offered at affordable rates.

Appointments with a clinical registrar can receive a rebate, if you have a valid Mental Health Care Plan in place.

How can I be assured of the quality of care?

To ensure quality of care all clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology and educational psychology services are provided by provisional psychologists under the direct supervision of experienced senior psychologists. All provisional psychologists engage in evidence-based and evidence-informed practices.

Will my information be used for any other purposes?

Research is an important component to the clinic which is embedded in the way of operating. You will be asked if you would like to participate in research when you come in. Whether you choose to participate in research or not will not affect the quality or level of care you receive from the clinic.

Do I need to live in Melbourne to be eligible for services?

To be eligible to use our clinical psychology telehealth and face to face services you need to reside in Metro Melbourne and Shepparton in regional Victoria. We cannot provide this service to you if you live interstate or overseas.

Do you offer internships?

We only offer training placements to students studying the Master of Clinical Psychology at Melbourne university.

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